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Dengue fever
Dengue fever
Pengertian dengue fever
Dengue (DF) and dengue hemorrhagic fever
(DHF) are caused by one of four closely related,
but antigenically distinct, virus serotypes (DEN1, DEN-2, DEN-3, and DEN-4), of the genus
 Infection with one of these serotypes provides
immunity to only that serotype for life, so
persons living in a dengue-endemic area can
have more than one dengue infection during
their lifetime.
 DF
and DHF are primarily diseases of
tropical and sub tropical areas, and the
four different dengue serotypes are
maintained in a cycle that involves
humans and the Aedes mosquito.
However, Aedes aegypti, a domestic, day-biting
mosquito that prefers to feed on humans, is the
most common Aedes species.
 Infections produce a spectrum of clinical illness
ranging from a nonspecific viral syndrome to
severe and fatal hemorrhagic disease.
 Important risk factors for DHF include the strain
of the infecting virus, as well as the age, and
especially the prior dengue infection history of
the patient.
 No
dengue vaccine is available.
Beberapa pengertian
Endemic - means a disease occurs continuously
and with predictable regularity in a specific area
or population .
 Epidemic - a widespread outbreak of an
infectious disease where many people are
infected at the same time.
 Outbreak - an epidemic limited to localized
increase in the incidence of a disease, e.g., in a
village, town, or closed institution
 Pandemic - an epidemic occurring worldwide, or
over a very wide area, crossing international
boundaries, and usually affecting a large number
of people.
Recombinant vaccine - using the technique of
recombination to create an attenuated virus
which elicits an immune response against the
viral strain of interest in order to use as a
vaccine in humans.
 Seroytpe - a closely related set of viruses that
can be differiented by the immune response they
 Viral envelope gene sequence - the nucleic acid
composition in the envelope gene