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What happens if it goes
Normal Control of the Cell Cycle
Sometimes the cells don’t stop dividing.
This usually happens because of
Cancer is a malignant growth resulting
from uncontrolled cell division.
Normal Control of the Cell Cycle
Enzyme production is directed by
genes located on the chromosomes.
A gene is a segment of DNA that
controls the production of a protein.
Cancer: A mistake in the Cell Cycle
Currently, scientists consider cancer to
be a result of changes in one or more of
the genes that produce substances that
are involved in controlling the cell cycle.
Cancerous cells form masses of tissue
called tumors.
Tumors steal food and gases from
normal cells.
Cancer: A mistake in the Cell Cycle
In later stages, cancer cells enter the
blood and spread throughout the body, a
process called metastasis.
This forms new tumors that disrupt the
function of organs, organ systems, and
ultimately, the organism.
The causes of cancer
Genetic causes (that you inherit)
Environmental causes (UV light, asbestos,
and other chemicals)
Viruses (HPV)