Download CHEMICAL INVENTORY - Web based software (chemoventory v3.0)

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SOFTWARE – Chemoventory 3.0
 Chemoventory is a web
based software for
chemical inventory
Users need not install any
software or utilities
Connect users across the
lab anywhere in the world
Use any operating system
uses php and mysql
Comes with bar coding &
MSDS management
Unlimited functionalities…
 Manage inventory
 Find out all locations of
chemical available
Audit chemical
MSDS management
Powerful search
Manage users,
locations, building,
units, containers etc.
Bulk chemical upload
Fine tune of user level functionalities
Transfer of chemicals between users
Export/backup data
Add your own analysis /report
Maintain general chemical properties
Automatically send alert emails to owner
when (a) list of chemicals need to be
ordered. (b) list of chemicals expiring in
next 7 days.
Affordable price
 No body can beat this price for this quality
 Unlimited email/chat support
 Premium phone support available