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The internet and B2B marketing
Ch 17 of
De Pelsmacker et al (2001)
Marketing Communications
The uses of cyberspace
Angehrn 1997
Virtual Information Space
Web pages
Product info
Virtual Transaction Space
Virtual Communication Space
Message boards
Virtual Distribution Space
File transfers
Search engine marketing
• Keyword analysis –Search Engine Optimisation
– what words do potential customers use?
– optimise the site design to ensure high listing
• Paid placement
• Pay per click
– bidding against competitors for highest listing
• Domain names choice
Now more than 1/3 of online marketing budgets MarketingSherpa 2005
Web site design in Pelsmacker
• Content productivity
– relevant, up-to-date, meeting needs
• Browse efficiency
– ease of navigation
• Design efficiency
– interpreted and understood correctly
• Exchange level
– interactivity
• Emotional attractiveness
– entertainment value
– speaks our language
Relationships on-line
• Communication
– information
– dialogue
• Differentiation
– exclusive content and services for subscribers
• Personalisation
– using cookies to recognise and personalise
• Reward
On-line communities
e.g.user forum, message board
Customer to customer communication
added value for the website user
Viral marketing
PR vehicle not an advertising medium
Effects on the value chain
• Disintermediation
or re-intermediation
• Depersonalisation
or customisation
• Commoditisation
or value-added
or customer contact
• Customer control of
contact and content