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Caitlin, Snezana, Emma, Kaille, Emily, Ryan, Shudodip, Sara
States that when social
institutions, (such as family,
religion politics ,etc) meets
the needs of citizens and
puts emphasis on how social
structures positively affect
the individual, often over
looking social injustices.
Émile Durkheim
• Known as the first sociologist, who argued the
belief that society functions logically and protects
its members.
• He observed that humans are social creatures, and
define themselves by their social interactions.
• Believed that society is constantly changing and
becoming more diverse (functional differentiation)
and that this is good and necessary.
• He work revealed that the causes of suicide are
deeply rooted in society and he found the
community and stability are needed for happiness.
• He pioneered the modern method of statistical
analysis and he set the precedent for other
sociologists to follow as they research controversial
Talcott Parsons
• Examined social behaviour as a single
• Said that all social phenomena can be
explained through their function in society,
in other words, individuals are defined by
the specific purpose that they serve
• Argued that if something exists in many
societies, it must be necessary.
• People act according to the people around
them, and that they want to cooperate with
the people around them to achieve goals.
• The research was controversial because
they said that the negative parts of society
serve a purpose.
Functional Differentiation:
• Divisions that are created to help deal with a complex environment. These
divisions operate independently but are connected to one another.