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Quiz 4: Biol 203 2013
Lab Instructor Name:
Section: ___ Time of lab:______8th or 9th floor (circle)
Sophomore-Junior-Senior-postbac- other (circle one)
Circle all Bio classes taken at hunter: Biol 100-Biol 102-Biol 200- Biol 202- Biol 300
Depiction of gene
A) (3pts, all or none) Number the exons
B) (4pts) What are the two most likely splice patterns you would observe in the mRNA (use exon numbers for answers)?
C) (4pts) If you have a CCCCCUGGCU RNA binding protein in a given cell, then what are the most likely splice patterns
you would observe in the mRNA for that cell? Be specific using exon numbers and letters.
Q2. (8pts) Sanger sequencing is a rather simple technique.
1. It takes advantage of inhibiting replication with _____________________________.
2. And the coupling of what to the above answer? ________________________.
3. Finally, fragments are run on a size fractionation matrix.
Are those fragments single stranded or double stranded (circle one)?
4. Is the oligonucleotide used in this process incorporated into replication reaction? _______
Q3. (2pts)
Given the following DNA binding motif:
Helix2-turn-Helix3 for a homeodomain protein.
Trp48, Phe49, Asn 51 and Arg53 are
invariant amongst almost all homeodomains
in order to retain DNA binding.
However, you want to test this idea with single
amino acid substitutions. What is the best
substitution to make for these two amino acids?
Extra credit if you use single letter abbreviations
What will you change N51 to: ____51
What will you change R53 to: ____53