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Print Media
(Magazine and Newspapers)
Chapter Objectives
• Examine the role of print media in the
advertising program.
• Analyze the strengths and limitations of
magazines and newspapers as media.
• Examine the various types of magazines and
newspapers and the value of each.
• Discuss how advertising space is purchased in
magazines and newspapers, how readership is
measured, and how rates are determined.
• Magazines
• Newpapers
• Flyers and Inserts
Attributes of Print Media
• Allow the presentation of detailed
information which the reader can
process at his or her own pace.
• Print media are not intrusive, unlike TV
and radio.
• They are referred to as highinvolvement media.
– Require effort on the part of the reader
for the message to have an impact.
Consumer Magazines
• Major portion of the
magazine industry,
accounts for nearly
2/3 of magazine ad $.
• Consumer magazines
can be classified by:
– General interest
– Distribution
– Frequency
Farm Publications
• There are about 86
publications tailored
to nearly every
possible type of
farming or
– Ex. Ontario Milk
Producer, Ontario
Produce Farmer
Business Publications
Major categories include:
1. Magazines for specific
professional groups.
2. Industrial magazines for
businesspeople in
various manufacturing
3. Trade magazines
targeted to wholesalers,
dealers, distributors,
and retailers.
4. General business
magazines aimed at
executives in all areas
of business.
Strengths of Magazines
Creativity for Cognitive and
Emotional Responses
Geographic Coverage
Target Audience Selectivity
Media Image
Selective Exposure and Attention
Limitations of Magazines
Absolute Cost and Cost Efficiency
Reach and Frequency
Long Lead Time
Target Audience Coverage
Magazine Advertising Rates
Cost Depends On…
Size and Position of Ad
Particular Editions Chosen
Special Mechanical or Production
Number and Frequency of Insertions
Whether Circulation is Controlled or Paid
How to Buy Magazine Advertising Space
Sold on the Basis of
Units of Space
Black and White vs.
Magazine Audience Measurement - PMB
• Print Measurement Bureau – PMB
– Non-profit Canadian industry association
of advertisers, print magazine
publishers, and advertising agencies.
– Mandate is to collect readership
information for print magazines.
– Foremost research is the PMB study.
Evaluation of Newspapers
Types of Newspapers
Daily Newspapers
Community Newspapers
National Newspapers
Special Audience
Newspaper Supplements
Types of Newspaper Advertising
Local (Mostly Retail)
Display Ads
General (Often National)
Paid Reading Notices (Editorial Look)
Small Items Arranged by Topic
Classified Ads
Rates Based on Size, Duration
Classified Display - Combination
Legal Notices - Public Reports
Public Notices
Notices by People, Organizations
Financial Reports
Printed Inserts
Prepared Separately by Advertisers
Strengths of Newspapers
Reach and Frequency
Scheduling Flexibility
Geographic Coverage
Reader Involvement and Amount of
Processing Time
Media Image
Creativity for Cognitive Responses
Absolute Cost and Cost Efficiency
Target Audience Coverage
Limitations of Newspapers
Creativity Impact for Emotional
Selective Exposure and Poor
Target Audience Selectivity
Newspaper Readership By Age
Newspaper Advertising Rates
• Cost of advertising space depends on
factors like circulation,
– premium charges for colour
– in a special section,
– volume discounts available.
• National rates can be about 15% higher
than local rates.
Buying Newspaper Advertising Space
Sold By:
•Agate Line
•Column Width
Quote of the day
A magazine is simply a device to
induce people to read
• James Collins
(professor, writer)