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Chapter 3
Your Purchasing Power
What Are Selling Strategies?
Meeting demand
• Convenience
• Customer service
• The right product and
o Examples: meet
basic needs, offer
brand names, use
discount pricing
3-3 Getting More for Your Money
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What Are Selling Strategies?
Creating demand
• Advertising is informing consumers about
products and encouraging them to buy.
o Advertising sources: newspapers,
magazines, TV, radio, Internet, billboards,
signs, direct sales
• The target audience is a
specific group of people
who are likely to buy.
3-3 Getting More for Your Money
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What Are Consumer Buying
• Prepare a shopping list.
• Do not let a salesperson influence you.
• Stick to your list and avoid impulse
• Shop when you are most alert.
• Comparison shop among several sellers.
• Keep receipts, warranties, and
3-3 Getting More for Your Money
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Building Communications Skills
Creative Listening
• Used to solve problems
• Involves searching through information
and forming questions to ask
• Listener evaluates what was heard
• Listener reaches an informed decision or
3-3 Getting More for Your Money
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