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Why Radio
Radio Is Personal And One To To One. People wake up get dressed
and spend a large portion of their day with radio. It influences their day, and their
buying habits. Radio is everywhere, at home, at work, in the car and at play.
Radio Is Easily Accessible. Listeners don’t have to do anything to enjoy
radio’s programs. They have to go to other media. Radio comes to them.
Radio is Immediate. It urges attention and action. Nothing can
convey a sense of immediacy and excitement like the human voice, our greatest
sales tool.
Radio equalizes all advertisers. In terms of the frequency and size of ads,
radio lets your message stand alone. Often in newspapers your advertising is on
the same page or section as your competitors.
Radio is a point of purchase medium. Radio can deliver the “last word”
to customers especially when they’re driving home from work or on their way to
do some shopping. The “last word” is the most recent advertisement in their
minds, a significant factor in determining where they shop and what they buy.
Radio reaches those who don’t read a newspaper. Newspaper
readership (and circulation) is at an all time low especially among 18-49 year
olds and they are the biggest buying group.
Radio is literal word-of-mouth advertising. Besides the immediate
effect radio can deliver, radio has a residual effect and builds awareness for
future customers when they enter the buying cycle.
Radio is cost a effective medium to reach your target customers.
Target your audience and direct your message to your prospects. You don’t have
to wait for customer to find your ad.
Radio effectively uses theatre of the mind. Of all existing media, radio
has a unique, powerful ability to create mental images of your products or