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Galapagos Islands
Galapagos Islands
Located about 600 miles west of Ecuador
 Consists of 13 volcanic islands and
numerous islets and rocks
 Discovered by accident in 1535
 First scientific study done in 1835 by
Charles Darwin while aboard the HMS
Galapago’s Finches
Diversity of Beak Forms
Beak form and
function are related to
Natural Selection
Organisms with characteristics suited to
their environment will survive and produce
the most offspring
 “Survival of the fittest”
 Adaptations will be passed to future
Role of an organism in an ecosystem
 Includes resources utilized, relationships,
and activities the organism engages
 Each species has its own niche
Ecosystem – all living organisms in a given
area and their interactions with their
 Species – a group of organisms that is
able to breed freely and produce viable
Bird’s Feet
Diversity of Beak Forms
Diversity of Beak Forms
Diversity of Beak Forms
Habitat Requirements
What do you need to survive?
Habitat Requirements
 Water
 Shelter
 Space
Biotic Potential
Limiting Factors
Interspecies competition
 Intraspecies competition
 Disease
 Predation
 Disasters
 Balance other factors such as birth rate,
early reproductive age.
 Effect is to increase death rate
 Produces S-curve
S Shaped Curve
Carrying Capacity
Number of individuals an
ecosystem can support
Resources are not used faster
than they are replaced!
Human Interference
Increase available food sources
 Decrease available space
 Elimination of predators