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“Who Wants To
Be A Millionaire?”
Inertia Style
Created by Claire Anne Baird, Margie Lemback, and Susan Neal
The Rules
1.No talking during the question
and answer phase. If you talk, the
result will be the loss of one
2.There are a total of 3 lifelines:
50/50, ask your group, or phone a
3.Cheering after a question or
answer phase is encouraged.
4.Have fun!
What is mass?
A)How much something
B)The amount of matter in
C)How you measure force
D)A type of force that
happens when two things
rub together
The answer is B.
What is Inertia?
A)Forces that are equal in size
but opposite in direction
B)A push or a pull
C)Change in speed or direction
D)The tendency of an object to
stay at rest or in motion
The answer is
What is friction?
A)A numerator over a
B)Speed and direction
C)A force that happens when
things rub against each
D)Change in position
The answer is C.
Give two examples
of inertia.
What is Newton’s first
law of motion?
A)Something at rest wants to
B)An object at rest wants to stay
at rest-- An object
in motion wants to stay in
C)Force = Mass x Acceleration
D)For every action force there is
a reaction
The answer is B!
Why do some objects have
more inertia than others?
A)Because they are stronger
B)Because they are further
away from gravity
C)Because they have more
D)Because they are favorites
The answer is C.
What is necessary to put an
object that is resting into
A)A push or a pull
B)Speed and distance
C)A change in velocity
D)A really big defensive
The answer is A.
Once an object is in
motion, what is an
example of a force that
would slow it down?
Would a moving object
in outer space slow
down? Why?
Use Newton’s first law
of motion to explain
why you should wear a
seat belt in a moving
What is the formula for
calculating speed?
The answer is D.
What is velocity?
How do you calculate
You have won a
million dollars!