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James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879)
Familiar name to physicist- rank next to Newton & Einstein
Maxwell’s equation-basis of field theory-involves extension of
Faraday’s Laws & their interpretation into set of 4 complex
mathematical equations
Maxwell’s equations connected electricity & magnetism & also led
to the theory of light, prediction of calculations was an accelerated
charged particle would generate combined electrical & magnetic
disturbances capable of traveling indefinitely through empty spaces
SPEED=C=(frequency)(wave length)
Range : heat, television, radio, radar, microwave, infrared visible,
Ultraviolet, x-rays, gamma rays
Creations: 3 wires: transmitter, receiver(antenna)
Verified in 1887- Hertz (after the death of Maxwell)
That electromagnetic waves exist and behave exactly as predicted
Biography: born into old, distinguished Scottish family
Mother died at his age of 8, raised by his father who mixed with
distinguished scientific
Circle (Edinburgh), given the best education at the age of 15
published 1st
Paper with the Royal Society, graduated from college with honors
& was appointed professor of natural philosophy at Cambridge
1871- First Cavendish professor of Physics (designed lab and
Recruited staff)