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What Milking Does Your Colostrum
Come From?
BY Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith
FOR CENTURIES, colostrum,
the first milk of all mammals,
has been utilized for antiIN COMPARING the composition of a
aging and immune-support
major brand (first two milkings) to colostrum prodpurposes. It is the immune
ucts certified by Immune-Tree, Dr. Alfred Fox has found
residue of the mother—with
Immune-Tree to be substantially superior. And according to Dr.
Fox, the difference comes largely down to the fact that the critical factor
immunoglobulins, cytokines,
in bovine colostrum is insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), which is highest
leukocytes and other memat the first milking (six to eight hours after birth). “Numerous studies have now
ory cells—that keeps her
that colostrum formation in the cow begins weeks prior to birth, accelerates
newborn calf healthy and protected during the first few
as parturition nears and ceases upon the birth of the calf. At the time of birth, almost all
days of life when there is almost no host immunity.
of the biologically active components present in the udder were transferred from the circuColostrum is highly regarded worldwide by
lation of the mother, while most substances found in later fluids are produced by cells within
public health experts as a safe and effective means
the udder itself. These factors, combined with the time of collection after birth, play a major
of immune support. Colostrum can help both the
role in establishing the quality of bovine colostrum,” Dr. Fox explains. Immune-Tree certified
overactive and underactive immune system. It is
colostrum products come from the first milking only. Other colostrums derived from pasture-fed
intuitive, thanks to its proline-rich peptides.
cows in New Zealand rely on the first two milkings, which makes a significant difference in the
potency and content of the colostrum.
And, for children, colostrum is a number-one safe
To illustrate the difference in IGF-1 content between Immune-Tree certified colostrum and first-twosupplement for immune health. Colostrum is also
milking colostrum in another major brand, see the graph below.
a fantastic training aid for athletes at all levels
because it is rich in growth factors necessary for
muscle and tissue repair. For this same reason,
it is widely used in anti-aging medicine.
It is critical to realize, however, that not all
colostrum is the same. Some brands may call their
products “colostrum” but may come from milkings
other than the very first milking within six to eight
hours after birth. Some take the second and even third
milkings, which is primarily “transitional milk.” Any dairy
IGF-1 CONTENT (ng/ml)
farmer or even nursing mother can tell you there is a huge
(powder) (powder)
(capsule) (powder) (powder)
difference between the substance produced at the first milkImmune-Tree Certified
First Two Milkings–New Zealand
ing and the milk produced over the next few days. That iniewborn.
tial colostrum is essential in protecting the newborn.
Data from a study conducted by the Endocrinology Laboratory,
Immune Tree colostrum is subjected to intense
College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University
testing and scrutiny to assure that all our
r Alf
E. Fox holds a Ph.D. from Rutgers University in immunochemistry
and has continuously consulted to bovine colostrum manufacturers
colostrum comes from the first milking. This testfor the past 10 years.
neing is required to achieve the coveted ImmuneTree certification found only on a handful of
high-quality brands. Dr. Don Lein, professor
emeritus at Cornell
University’s College of Veterinary Medicine
Diagnostic Laboratory, has performed numerous
tests that substantiate significant differences
between first-milking colostrum and transitional
If yyou have questions please email [email protected]
milk claiming to be colostrum. His tests verified
Results are guaranteed.
that Immune-Tree certified colostrum met all the
scientific criteria for a true colostrum while others did not.
All lots of Immune Tree colostrum powder are
Look for Immune Tree colostrum from Dr. Kleinsmith to assure tested for and have a standardized content of
protein, fat and lactose. Although the same
you are receiving all of the benefits of a true first-milking
may be true for colostrum powder produced in
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New Zealand, the chemical composition of
their colostrum powder is very different. A
comparative compositional analysis of Immune
Tree and New Zealand colostrum powders at
Minnesota Valley Testing Laboratories, a premier dairy testing service, produced the following findings expressed in graphic form.
The material in the middle set of bars, identified as Ideal Colostrum Powder was a carefully
prepared powder made from a large pool of
colostrum that was collected within six hours
after birth of the calf. Comparison of these
results with each of the tested products clearly
demonstrates the differences between these
products. The colostrum powder from Immnue
Tree (AK Colostrum Powder) is virtually identical
in chemical composition to the Ideal Colostrum
Powder. In sharp contrast, the New Zealand
Colostrum Powder has most of the fat removed
and the relationship between the remaining
components has been dramatically altered.