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Director of Content and Marketing for WTVP-TV, PBS in Central Illinois
WTVP-TV is central Illinois’ home for the best television on television, including PBS
programming such as Masterpiece, Frontline, Antiques Roadshow and Curious George, as well
as original local programs like historical documentaries, public affairs and arts programming.
The station seeks a full-time Director of Content and Marketing who will be instrumental in
helping to fulfill our vision for the future of public media in Illinois. Primary responsibilities for the
position include the effective marketing and promotion of WTVP’s content, on the air, on social
media and in the community, as well as ensuring our programming line-up meets local
community needs. This position also promotes assorted station activities and publicizes
community events. This is a critical part of WTVP’s leadership team, carries supervisory duties,
and provides updates to the station’s Board of Directors.
Ideal candidates must possess excellent written, verbal and personal communication skills as
well as a demonstrated knowledge in marketing and promotion.
This is an excellent opportunity for the right candidate to have an impact on the visibility, growth
and long term sustainability of public media in central Illinois. If you are energetic, creative, have
a proven track record of success in marketing and promotions, and you believe in the mission of
public television, please send your resume and cover letter to:
Human Resources
101 State Street
Peoria, IL 61601
[email protected]
WTVP is an equal opportunity employer.