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Summer Camp
for Stanislaus County Children
with Cancer and their Families
Located in Berry Creek, California
(near town of Oroville) Camp Okizu is a
summer camp and peer support program for
children with cancer and their families. Their
mission is to provide peer support, respite,
mentoring, and recreational programs to
meet the needs of all members of families
affected by childhood cancer.
Oncology Camp
is designed for children ages 6-17 who
have or have had pediatric cancer.
2014 Oncology Camp Dates:
Oncology 1 June 9–15
Oncology 2 July 21–27
Oncology 3 July 28–August 03
Family Camp weekends
provide families with much-needed respite
from their daily struggle while improving
their coping skills and family bonds.
How to Apply
Campers may apply online at
or contact the Okizu office by calling 415.382.9083
or emailing [email protected]
to receive the application by mail.
2014 Family Camp Dates:
May 2–4 (James W. Hebert Family Camp)
May 16–19 (3-night session)
May 23–26 (Memorial Day 3-night session)
August 15–18 (3-night session)
August 29–September 1 (Labor Day 3-night session)
September 26–28
Stanislaus Community Foundation’s Recreational Opportunities for Cancer Kids (ROCK) Fund
is made possible by the Memorial Hospital Foundation. We are proud to partner with Camp Okizu
to help send Stanislaus County patients and families to summer camp in the 2014 season.