Download Safari in South Africa and Botswana

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Botswana Safari: From Lions and
Leopards in the Delta to Bushmen
and Meerkats in the Kalahari
Dr. Edward J. Callen
USC Aiken
Few places that I know have the
same impact; for me, this area
within its vastness represents
the most special destination. I
reach for words: spectacular,
thrilling, awesome, beautiful,
—Richard Leakey
Population: 2,030,738 , Life Expectancy 55 yrs
Capital city: Gabarone
People: 80% Tswana
Languages: English and Setswana
Religion: Christian 70%
President: Ian Khama
Government: Representative Democratic Republic
GDP per capita: US$14,000
Poverty Rate: 21%
Unemployment rate: 18%
HIV/Aids: Second highest rate in world, 1 in 6 with HIV
Major industries Labor Force: agriculture: 80%, tourism 12%
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presentation for the four camps
Linyanti/Moremi Reserve
– Savuti Camp
Okavango Delta
– Duba Plains Camp
– Jao Camp
Kalahari Desert and Salt Pans
– Jacks Camp