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World War I
Vocabulary Activity:
Write the definitions or explanations for each of the following words (you may use a text book, dictionary,
or internet):
nationalism, Serbia, colonization, Russia, militarism, France, Alliance System, England, AustriaHungary, Germany, Ottoman Empire, Mexico, Fort McPherson, ally, Camp Gordon, War Bonds,
Camp Benning, Territories, Camp Stewart, Lusitania, Victory Gardens, Zimmerman telegram,
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Writing Activity:
You have been hired by the U.S. army to recruit Georgia soldiers for World War I. In a persuasive,
paragraph explain to Georgians why they should fight in the war, and if they cannot fight what
they can do to support it. Use and discuss specific examples that you learned in this unit to support
your arguments.
Map Activity: Take a world map outline, label the following locations (color code the countries):
Austria-Hungry (Red)
Russia (green)
Ottoman Empire (aka Turkey)
Great Britain (green)
United States (green)
France (green)
Germany (red)
Japan (green)
Italy (green)
Atlantic Ocean (blue)
Spain (yellow)
Ireland (yellow)
You may use the World Atlas or your technology to help you locate the countries.
Timeline Activity:
Create a timeline 1877-1920 using the following events, you may add an event that isn’t listed.
World War I begins, World War I ends,
Leo Frank case
International Cotton Expo (3 of them)
Plessy vs Ferguson
18th amendment
19th amendment
Populist Party begins
Rural Free Delivery Bill is passed
Creation of the NAACP
Atlanta Race Riots
The KKK meets at Stone Mountain
Alonzo Herndon buys insurance company
Great Atlanta Fire
Fort Benning open