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Middle East Studies
Ms. Sanders
Review Sheet
Dividing a Region:
Ottoman Empire and Aftermath of WWI
Terms/People/Concepts to know/explain – Ottoman Empire
• Major languages and ethnic/religious groups in the Ottoman Empire & relationship to empire
EXAMPLE. In the Arabian Peninsula of the Ottoman Empire, what was the primary ethnic group?
Arabs (spoke Arabic). What was their relationship with the Ottomans? Wanted independence from
Ottoman Turk rule.
What are other major groups?
• With which group (Allied or Central Powers) was the Ottoman Empire aligned during WWI? You
should be familiar with major countries aligned with each side. (from keynote slides on wiki)
• What were the origins and consequences of the Armenian genocide? What does historical
evidence suggest happened during this time period? Why was this important in world history? Why
is this important for Turkish/US relations today?
• Who was the Turkish leader who sought to modernize and secularize his country after WWI?
Terms/People/Concepts to know/explain – Aftermath of WWI
 Diaspora
 Pogrom (and historical evidence of discrimination toward Jews)
 Zionism
 Theodor Herzl
 Arab nationalism
 McMahon/Hussein Correspondence (what it was/why it’s important)
 Sykes-Picot Agreement (what it was/why it’s important)
 Balfour Declaration (what it was/why it’s important)
 Mandate
Test Format:
1. Multiple choice
2. True/False (fix false answers)
3. Short answer
4. Geography (Sykes/Picot agreement, British Palestinian Mandate)