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Review Guide AP World History Mid Term Examination 2014-2015.
This review guide is an aid to study for the mid-term exam. You will also receive a 2nd
quarter test grade based on half of the multiple choice questions and an essay within the
mid-term. This is the format of the exam
70 multiple choice questions
Approximately half will be solely on Period 4: 1450-1750, basically when we
started the Renaissance onward. Both of your essays will also be comprised of
material in Period 4.
Essay 1 will be a comparative essay examining the political and social aspects of
empire-building between Spain (Absolutist) and either the Ottoman Empire or
Essay 2 will be a document-based question dealing with the social and economic
effects of the global flow of silver from the mid-sixteenth century to the early
eighteenth century. Explain how another type of document would help you
analyze the effects of the flow of silver bullion during this period. (We talked
about the silver trade when talking about Ming and Qing China, you can also
relate it to Absolutism in Spain)
Multiple Choice Review
1. What are aspects of the Agricultural Revolution within early history? And what is
the impact on these cultures?
2. How did Ancient Egypt differ from Mesopotamia?
3. What are technological achievements of the Shang Dynasty?
4. What is the Mandate of Heaven?
5. Describe aspects of Confucianism, and how it structures Chinese Society.
6. What is the role of the Caste System in India?
7. Who was the leader of Athens during the Golden Age? What major speech is he
known for?
8. What led to the downfall of the Roman Republic?
9. Which Ancient Civilization would be located in modern-day Ethiopia?
10. Understand the similarities and differences between Judaism, Christianity, and
11. What are the correlations between Islam and trade?
12. Where did Mansa Musa rule in West Africa?
13. Which Empire takes Constantinople in 1453?
14. Describe the reign of the Mongols, and the impacts on Chinese and Asian society.
15. How was the Age of Exploration detrimental to native people in Mesoamerica?
16. How does the Code of Hammurabi establish justice in Babylon?
17. What are major causes for the downfall of Empires such as the Han and Roman?
(We did a Comparative essay on this)
18. Be able to explain the impacts of the Bantu Migration.
19. How does the period from 1400-1750 represent new changes in the world?
20. How are European Colonies similar in the Americas?
21. What are characteristics with Early River Civilizations that make them similar?
Think Indus, Egypt, Mesopotamia…
22. What are similarities between the Mughal and Ottoman Empires?
23. Identify consequences of the Columbian Exchange and how it affected Natives in
24. Slavery was utilized for this common crop between 1450 and 1750.
25. How are the maritime trade routes in India and the transatlantic trade routes
similar? (no, not water)
26. How are the social structures of India and China different, circa 600 c.e.?
Specific questions on Period 4: 1450-1750
27. What is the Council of Trent? How did it deal with the Protestant Reformation?
28. What role does Africa play in worldwide trade during this period in history?
29. Why is there a rift between the Catholic Church and the Enlightenment thinkers?
30. What resulted from an increasing Western presence in eastern nations such as
India and China?
31. What are the 95 theses? How do they signal the beginning of the Protestant
32. What is the role of women in the Ottoman Empire, as well as Europe during this
time period?
33. Know the various Enlightenment thinkers and their major ideas.
34. Know the various thinkers of the Scientific Revolution and their ideas or
35. Know the major accomplishments of explorers during the Age of Exploration.
36. Study the impact of the Ottoman Empire politically and socially.
37. Define Mercantilism.
38. What is the impact of the Printing Press? Who invented it?
39. What was the original plan of action for the Catholic Church when Luther posted
the 95 theses? How did they treat anyone that left the church?
40. There is a passage on World Economic Theory, and the rise of slavery during
Period 4. There are three multiple choice questions to answer on a given
Map Analysis
There are five questions correlating to maps of Asia and Africa from the periods of 14001800. You should be able to answer the questions using the maps, but basic geographical
and analytical skills are necessary to determine what the maps and graphs are attempting
to say. In other words, proper interpretation of the source will give you the answer.