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Task List 1 - Foundations Task List (3,500BCE-600CE)
1.) Compare the Political, Cultural, Social, & Economic development of
these early civilizations
- Egypt
- Mesopotamia
- Persia
- India
- China
2.) Explain the basic features of the world’s major belief systems including;
- Polytheism
- Hinduism
- Judaism
- Buddhism
- Confucianism
- Zoroastrianism
- Christianity
3.) Discuss the Contributions to World History of Classical Greek
Civilization focusing on Government, Philosophy, Religion, mathematics, &
4.) Trace the Rise & Fall of the Roman Empire using examples of Scientific
Advancement, Political Development, Economic Systems, & Social
Structures. ** Be sure to Discuss the split between Western & Eastern
Empires within your task completion
5.A) Trace the Rise & Fall of the Han Empire
5.B) Trace the Rise & Fall of the Gupta Empire
6.) Compare & Contrast the role of women in major civilizations including
the Roman Empire, Mesopotamia, China, & India