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Ancient River Valley Civilizations Book Notes
(use the bold headings to find information within the text, index and glossary)
1. What was the significance (importance) of the following periods: a) the Neolithic Age, b)
the Bronze Age and c) the Iron Age?
A – The Neolithic Age/Revolution was important because…
B -
2. Where were the Hittites from and what metal were they famous for fighting with?
3. In which four major river valleys did the earliest civilizations develop? Why did they
develop in this type of geography?
4. What are some of the common characteristics shared by all early civilizations?
5. Why did major migrations occur among the Bantu, Aryan, and other ancient people?
6. How were Mesopotamian and Egyptian writing systems different?
7. What factors allowed the Persians to successfully rule over such a large empire for so long?
8. What is the mandate of heaven, and what role did it play during the Zhou dynasty in
9. What were some of the achievements of the Han dynasty in China (think math, writing,
science, trade, education, etc.)?
10. What were some of the achievements of Asoka of the Mauryan Empire in India?
11. Why was the Gupta Empire considered a “golden age” in Indian history?