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Shirley Wong
From Hunting and Gathering to Civilizations key terms
Neolithic Revolution
The development of agriculture.
Bronze Age
The next basic age of human existence where the discovery of metal tools was
Catal Huyuk
A Neolithic village in southern Turkey found in 7000 B.C.E that covered 32
acres where house were made of bricks set in timber frameworks, crowded
together, with few windows.
A society with economic surplus to form divisions of labor and a social
hierarchy involving significant inequalities.
Towers that were monumental architecture where priests operated temples.
Rituals were made where gods were worshiped.
City States
A political structure ruled by a king with authority that was organized by
People whom moved into the Mesopotamia area and created a case of writing:
cuneiform alphabet.
Promoted welfare to people and the code of law.
Civilization developed in isolation with some overland trade.
Indus River
In 2500 B.C.E numerous civilizations grew along the river supporting the
cities. (Harappa, Mohenjo Dam)