Download Subject: Camp Vendini conference Hi [First name], I`d like to request

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Subject: Camp Vendini conference
Hi [First name],
I’d like to request funding to attend Camp Vendini in Nashville, Tennessee from
July 31-August 1, 2017. The conference is two days of hands-on training,
industry panels and common interest group breakouts—all focused on helping
organizations like ours reach our goals.
Conference content spans topics that will help us stay on top of industrystandards and best practices, while also arming us with new strategies and
tactical knowledge to accomplish more with the resources we have today.
Sessions will cover topics including: ticketing and box office operations, audience
engagement, patron management strategies, marketing, development and
At Camp Vendini I will:
 Expand my expertise to help us better use the tools and technology we’ve
invested in but aren’t using fully today.
 Connect with professionals to discuss common challenges and solutions.
 Keep on top of industry best practices to help us accomplish our goals at
[organization name].
 Gain one-on-one access to industry experts and Vendini leadership to
voice our feedback and get advice.
The opportunity to develop professional contacts and gain new knowledge
makes the conference a valuable investment for me—and for the success of our
team. As you know, there is no substitute for face-to-face interaction.
Here is a breakdown of estimated costs:
[$] Registration
[$] Transportation
[$] Hotel
[$] Meals (Note: breakfast, lunch and Monday night dinner are included in the
registration cost)
[$] Total Estimate
If able to attend, I’ll share a full recap with the team so that we can all benefit
from what I learn and work together to apply it to our business.
Thank you for your consideration.
[Your Name]