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Background Information:
When Czech composer Hans Krasa was arrested by the Nazis in 1942 he stood in line with
hundreds of others waiting for transport to a concentration camp, hoping the SS guards would
take his valuables but not what he had hidden in the lining of his overcoat.
Assigned to Terezin Camp in 1942 he arrived with the hand written score to his children’s opera
Brundibar safely smuggled in.
The story of Brundibar the bullying organ grinder was performed 55 times by the children of the
camp and remains to this day a triumph of optimism, cooperation and sheer joy of life.
A fully staged production directed by Lesley Ballantyne will be presented by the Toronto
Concert Orchestra March 29, 7:30 at . Bishop Marrocco Thomas Merton C.S.S. 1515 Sr. Bloor
St. W.
‘We’re using only young voices in this cast.’ artistic director Kerry Stratton promised. ’As much
as possible we stay true to the original prison camp production, right down to the tiny band.’
“It’s a great, positive story and shows how children can cooperate to defeat an organ grinding
bully who won’t let anyone else make music in the town square.”
Stratton promises the opera’s positive message and cheerful tunes will continue to enchant
modern audiences. “It’s a perfect family show and will feature some up and coming young
Canadians as well as The St Paschal Baylon choir.” Despite the opera’s tragic origins the
audience will leave feeling uplifted by the charming story.
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Maestro : Kerry Stratton
Conductor and Music Director
Toronto Concert Orchestra and Chorus
Wish Opera
Grand Salon Orchestra