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Digestive Enzyme and Probiotic Supplement
Get the most from your feed & supplement program.
AniGest is a unique nutritional digestive supplement
formulated with scientifically prepared acid stable enzymes
and probiotics. AniGest’s combination active ingredients
are designed to enhance normal processes in a horses digestive
system. Improvements in digestive efficiency increases the
results from your feed and supplement program, helping your
horse reach and maintain optimal condition and peak
The enyzmes in AniGest include:
• Amylase; to aid in the digestion of starches and sugars.
• Protease; to aid in the digestion of proteins into
amino acids.
• Lipase; to aid in the digestion of fat.
• Cellulase; to aid in the digestion of fiber.
The live yeast (probiotics) in AniGest includes;
• S. Cerevisiae strain 1026
• Lactobacillus acidophilus.
Guaranteed Analysis per 1 1/2ounce serving (min):
Protein 20%, Fat 9%, Fiber 17%, Amylase 4215DU,
Bromelain 937,500PU, Cellulase 14,760CU, Lipase 1027FIP,
Protease 65.625SAPU, S.Cerevisiae 37billion
Directions for Use: Intensive training or performance, or
during breeding, gestation and lactation feed three ounces
daily. Mature horses or idle to moderate activity feed one and
one half ounces daily. Weanlings and yearlings start with
three quarter ounce daily and gradually increase according
to body weight. Increase feeding of large breeds
proportionately according to body weight in
excess of 1000lbs.
Available in four convenient sizes each packaged
with a scoop for ease of dosing;
5pound, 10pound, 20pound, 30pound
301 West Broadway Winchester, Kentucky 40391
ph: 859-737-3441 fx: 859-737-1143
e-mail: [email protected]
It’s all about the animals.™
A nimed ™