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This Adelaide Advanced Nursery fact sheet is a guide only .
Agonis flexuosa
COMMON NAME; Willow Myrtle, Peppermint Tree
FAMILY; Myrtaceae
ORIGIN; Southwest Western Australia
HEIGHT; 10mts
WIDTH; 4mts
HABIT; Medium sized spreading tree, forming a broad crown with
drooping branches.
FOLIAGE; Evergreen, pendulous olive green leaves 10cm-12cm long and 6mm-10mm wide, juvenile leaves
can be much broader. Leaves aromatic when crushed.
FLOWERS; Clusters of small creamy white 5 petalled flowers in the axils of the 1-year-old shoots. Lightly
FLOWERING SEASON; September to December
FRUIT; Sessile capsule 5mm-8mm across
CULTURE & USE; A hardy plant in most soils and aspects, an ideal tree for streets, parks and large
gardens when rapid growth is desirable. Minimum natural rainfall 600mm.
PRUNING; Some early formative pruning is often necessary to develop a single erect trunk; also some
judicious pruning may be required to maintain shape.
COMMENTS; Will tolerate sandy or poor soils. Bark is smooth when young, but becomes deeply furrowed
and dark brown with age. Grows naturally in soils with a higher pH. An excellent tree for width restricted
areas and coastal situations.
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