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Acer rubrum
‘October Glory’
October Glory Red Maple
Large deciduous tree with a narrow to broadly domed
Leaves lustrous dark green, waxy blue below. 3-5
lobed palmate leaves 6-10 cm, turning superb
crimson-red in late Autumn and lasting for several
Flowers red, showy in spring, red samara fruit are
attractive and held long into winter.
Bark is smooth and grey and is attractive particularly
on young plants.
Best suited to moister sites, good avenue tree.
height x width (m)
15-20 x 10-12
Variety from Princeton
growth rate
flower colour
flowering time
shade tolerance
Part shade to full sun, does not perform well in dry shade.
Drought sensitive, irrigation required on well-drained soils during drier months.
low soil oxygen
Tolerant of moist soils and occasional flooding.
compacted soils
Moderate tolerance of compacted soils, widely planted in urban areas and
generally grows satisfactorily.
pest + disease
Generally not prone to insects that cause obvious damage to foliage, nutrient
deficiency symptoms appears in soil with a pH above 7, susceptible to
Verticillium wilt and aphid infestations.
root disturbance
Evidence of successful recovery from root damage in urban landscapes if
supplied with adequate water and mulch. Surface roots may be a problem and
may disrupt paving.
Low incidence of problem from planting out as industry standard, 2m plus
container grown trees.
limb shear
Requires formative pruning to develop strong scaffold branch structure.
weed risk
No records of species becoming established in urban landscapes by self-sown
under powerlines
Strong central leader and dominant apical form not suited to this use.
habitat value
Not known to provide a specific food or habitat resource for native fauna.
Shire of Yarra Ranges
Streetscape Strategy
Street Tree Species List
Information Sheet