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Fraxinus pennsylvanica
Urbanite Green Ash
Medium deciduous tree, broadly conical crown
eventually spreading tree.
Leaves large, lush green, pinnate, slightly grey on the
underside in Spring/Summer and golden yellow to
bronze in autumn.
Flowers appear before the leaves in Spring.
Bark smooth pale grey.
Requires regular pruning when young to develop a
central trunk.
A hardy ash that tolerates a wide range of soil and
climatic conditions but best in moist sites and cooler
height x width (m)
12-15 x 8-10m
growth rate
flower colour
Green, inconspicuous
flowering time
shade tolerance
Full sun to part shade
Grows satisfactorily with no obvious signs of stress in a dry summer, prefers
moist well drained soil.
low soil oxygen
High tolerance of clay, loam, sandy, acidic and alkaline soils and relatively wet
compacted soils
Tolerant of low levels of compaction.
pest + disease
Generally not prone to insects that cause obvious damage to foliage, susceptible
to borers and leaf anthracnose.
root disturbance
Performs well within limited root space, large surface roots can develop and lift
Low incidence of problem from planting out as industry standard, 2m plus
container grown trees.
limb shear
Strong branching structure, no reports of the shedding of major limbs in urban
landscape plantings.
weed risk
No records of species becoming established in urban landscapes by self-sown
under powerlines
Not suited.
habitat value
Not known to provide a specific food or habitat resource for native fauna.
Shire of Yarra Ranges
Streetscape Strategy
Street Tree Species List
Information Sheet