Download Define the term `Region` The term `region` refers to an area of land

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Define the term ‘Region’
The term ‘region’ refers to an area of land that is unique and distinguishable from its
neighbouring areas or lands by one ore more of the following characteristics:
physical landscape, natural resources, climate, population density, manufacturing and
industry, tourism and culture. One region differs from another due to the presence or absence
of these characteristics.
Physical distinctions: Land all high or low compared to elsewhere
Soils good or poor compared to elsewhere
Drainage good or poor compared to elsewhere
Climate uniform over an are compared to another
An area may be classified due to the presence or lack of natural
A region may be distinguished by the amount or lack of industry
in the area compared to another.
A region may often be identified by the race culture or religion
of those people who live in it compared to another eg Basque region
of N. Spain
We can identify different regions in Europe: Core Regions and Peripheral Regions. There are
also depressed regions which were once heavily industrialised but now have high
unemployment, vacant industrial estates and many social problems. eg Welsh Valleys and
Sambre Meuse Valley in Belgium.
Core Regions:
London – Paris Basin – Ranstad Holland – Plain of Lombardy
Wealthy affluent markets, lots of industry, high population, headquarters of financial
organisations, seat of government etc. Traditionally a good farming hinterland based on good
soils, temperate climate, lowlying ground and well drained land.
Problems include over crowding, crime, traffic congestion, expensive housing etc.
Peripheral Regions:
Usually on the edges of Europe. Mezzogiornio (S.Italy) – West of France – West of Ireland –
Highlands of Scotland – Meseta in Spain etc.
Poor agriculture traditionally due to poor soils, extreme climates, high or exposed ground etc.
Also poor infrastructure up to recently, little or no natural resources, little or no industry etc.
Resultant problems – unemployment, emigration, poverty, poor education (Mezzogiornio) etc