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Magnotherapy is not a new concept. In fact the beneficial properties of magnets on health have
been known for thousands of years. It has been used to help relieve aches and pains and to
accelerate the healing process for thousands of years and has gained rapid popularity in recent
times for three reasons:
• The quest for natural remedies as an alternative to synthetic medication and drugs
• The advancement and better understanding of magnet technology and nano-technology
• Public awareness created by the success of other Complementary Therapies.
Supporters of magnet therapy healing believe that by applying magnetic fields to certain parts
of the body that there is a positive effect. However, to be fair, there is a healthy dose of
scepticism as to whether or not this actually works or if it's full of hype. Many researchers have
challenged the viability of magnetic treatment and have brushed it off as quack medicine.
Whatever camp you fall under, ensure that you do not rely on this process or any other
methods in isolation of others. Ask your doctor or health practitioner what the best course of
action is if you have any significant reservations. Do not trust sales letters alleging magnetic
therapy is a miracle cure that can help get rid of all major diseases. Those claims and many like
them have not been substantiated. In some cases they may even prove to provide a health risk
to you if used excessively as with electromagnetic therapy.
Also, be aware that there are certain laws in place that forbid suppliers of magnetic healing
products from stating their products resolve any major illness such as HIV, Aids, Asthma,
Cancer, Rheumatism, or Arthritis. Please keep these points in mind when you browse around
for magnetic treatment items.
There are all sorts of resources that fall under the magnetic healing department such as
pillows, wristbands, blankets, mattresses, belts, jewellery, and shoe insoles. Some shoppers
use magnetic healing for all sorts of pain relief matters. With a bit of digging you may find even
more possible uses of magnetic treatment in common packages.
The choice is yours, whether to buy or not buy.
Magnotherapy is a cosmopolitan alternative form of healing that many people are using for
several parts of their body. It is a non-invasive treatment method involving the application of a
magnetic field to your living body. This simply entails placing magnets near your body for the
whole point of deriving healthful benefits.
Whereas modern drugs are targeted at various medical conditions, Magnotherapy seems to
support the maintenance of the body's basic essentials - its communication and transportation
Magnotherapy appears to help in two primary areas:
1. It helps the body’s electrolytes pass information by maintaining the electrical
conductivity of living cells
2. It encourages processes that produce ions containing oxygen with strong oxidising or
reducing capabilities that help to maintain the pH balance.
Most of the conditions that Magnotherapy has helped are a direct result of the above as they
are all dependent on a healthy pH balance. Arthritis, sports injuries, poor circulation, blood
pressure, skin complaints, fatigue syndrome as well as general aches and pains are just a few
of the many conditions that can be eased by Magnotherapy.
You may well ask how a magnet can provide the various benefits of the products. The truth is
nobody really knows. So, in order to understand some of the theories, it will be helpful to have
a basic understanding of magnets, magnetic fields, and the interaction of magnetic fields.
A magnetic field can be generated in the form of a pulsed electro-magnetic field or a static
field. Professionals favour pulsed electro-magnetic field and equipment, a technology that does
appear to provide superior results when compared to static magnetic field. This type of
equipment is used in hospitals and by physiotherapists. The downside is that electro-magnetic
fields require a supply of electricity and are therefore more suitable for controlled clinical use,
not for personal, or animal use. To overcome this problem some products use a battery as a
source of power to develop a pulse field, but these tend to be inconvenient as they are heavy
and awkward, certainly quite a sizeable battery would be required to produce the same depth
of magnetic field as the more expensive transformer products.
A static magnetic field can be generated from various magnetic materials, from flexible
magnetised sheet, as used for fridge magnets, through to complex rare earth magnets. There
are a number of suppliers of this type of Magnotherapy product due to an increase in public
awareness of the benefits that Magnotherapy can provide. However, an unfortunate trend used
in the marketing of many of these products is the use of scientific gobbledygook in an attempt
to describe how Magnotherapy works and provides credibility to the product. It can only be
assumed that the authors of some of these ‘scientific explanations' enjoy an enviable
One only has to read the marketing material of a number of different suppliers to become
thoroughly confused: Indeed many of the theories are-scientifically impossible and no evidence
is available to support them. It is unfortunate that legislation covering the advertising and
claims for complementary products has been a long time coming and even though it has been
introduced (June 1999) it is restricted to products that are intended for human use and not for
animal use. If the same legislation were applied to animal products, pet owners would enjoy
the benefit of being better informed as to the capabilities of a product.
A magnet is a natural force that is closely associated with electricity. Magnets can be used to
generate electricity and electricity can be used to generate magnetism. The Sun has the effect
of a giant magnet and the planets that rotate around it are satellites held in orbit by its gravity.
On a reduced scale each planet has its own field and within that field may be one or more
satellites. The Earth is a planet and the Moon (which has its own separate field) is the Earth's
satellite, held in orbit by the force of the Earth's field. If a field from another mass were
introduced to our Moon then its orbit would be affected, possibly even causing the Moon to fly
off into space! Reduce that scale a few million times and there is a similar situation with atoms.
Every atom has its mass (the nucleus) and one or more orbiting electrons; both the nucleus
and electrons carry their own charges and therefore have their own fields. The introduction of a
new magnetic field to the atom can result in the electron's orbit being moved, encouraging
maximum efficiency in molecular bonding. Without the movement of electrons, changes in
matter (that includes water, blood and fuel) cannot occur.
Living Bodies
All living bodies are a mass of electrical communication, each one finely balanced and
producing its own unique electromagnetic field. The efficient operation of the body's
communication channels is therefore wholly dependent on its 'information super-highway’, a
group of essential and balanced electrolytes that carry charges and therefore information from
one cell to another around the body. The function and movement of every cell in a living body
is dependent on the transfer of electrical communication. Without this communication there is
no life. The balance and efficient operation of the electrolytes also influences the level of lactic
acid and is therefore responsible for the maintenance of the correct physiological balance of
acids and alkalis (pH), which is essential to all life and is also the information base of pain. Key
functions of pH are to control the amount of oxygen carried in the blood by haemoglobin, and
to control blood circulation through interaction with the capillaries.
All changes in living cells are electrochemical. Negative changes can cause cellular stress and
are triggered by a number of internal and external factors, including electromagnetic radiation
and electrolyte imbalance.
To ensure the maximum influence on electrons, one company has developed a patented
magnetic module known as Central Reverse Polarity (CRP) designed specifically to help move
electrons. All matter that passes through a CRP field is subjected to the additional 'kick' of
three opposed directional forces. This action provides a better environment for molecular
change by the alignment of electrons. In other words, molecules that exit a CRP field are more
efficient. The CRP modules' configuration also provides a field that is focused in one direction
and shielded on the reverse, providing a more concentrated field.
This effect is completely safe, and as an added benefit the product does not require electrical
power to produce the effect. Using this device, as blood passes through the field it is subjected
to a magnetic pulsing effect, which it is believed, helps the body maintain a balanced pH (the
information base of pain) and god conductivity in the cells (essential for good health.
Magnetic products should not be used on open wounds or pregnant females: The origins of
this statement probably originate from trials in America with electro-magnetic equipment. There
is growing evidence that suggests electro-magnetic waves can be detrimental to health and
cell structures. An unfortunate by-product of electro-magnetic equipment is the generation of
small amounts of electro-magnetic waves, which is probably the reason for this advice. There
is no evidence that supports static magnetic fields having a detrimental effect on pregnant
females or open wounds, in fact many user have found they have a very positive effect.
Magnets should only be applied for a given number of hours: The earth’s natural magnetic field
passes through all of us all of the time, we cannot switch it off. Extended use of a magnetic
field is only considered detrimental when a gauss (a measurement of magnetic power) level in
excess of 2000 is applied. The gauss reading for this purpose should be read at the surface of
the product, not of the magnet, as gauss figures of magnets can provide meaningless
information. When suppliers state that magnets should only be worn for a limited number of
hours it is likely that they are referring to the physical and practical characteristics of the
products packaging rather than the actual magnetic properties. If the under the product is
restricted from breathing then the product should only be applied for a minimal time. In any
event an animal that has any type of equipment or dressing applied should be checked
Magnets increase blood circulation and blood flow: There is no scientific evidence to support
this. However, it is believed that the benefits derived from Magnotherapy are attributable to an
improvement in the efficiency of the blood subsequent to passing through a magnetic field,
providing that the field is of sufficient gauss to cause molecular agitation. It is not understood
why this should be, but certainly the bloods ability to carry oxygen and dispose of waste
products does appear to improve and this could account for some of the remarkable benefits
that have been experienced by people and animals.
Bi-polar Magnets: The description of a magnet as ‘bi-polar’
implies it is a special type of magnet. There is nothing special
about a bi-polar magnet because every magnet must have a
minimum of two poles (north & south), because without these it
would not be a magnet!
North poles are better for some complaints and south poles are
better for others: This is of course nonsense. A magnetic field is
a loop and therefore it is impossible to apply one without the
Magnotherapy is suitable for all conditions: Certainly static magnetic fields are safe to use with
all conditions insofar as there is no clinical evidence to the contrary, but that does not mean a
magnetic field can help all conditions. If the condition can be helped by more efficient blood
circulation then Magnotherapy is worth a try and will probably prove successful. If in doubt a
general practitioner or veterinarian should always be consulted.
In December 2004 the British Medical Journal published the results of a two-year trial
sponsored by the Arthritis Research Campaign into the use of magnetic bracelets on osteoarthritis of the knee and hip. The report documented this peer-reviewed clinical trial in full. The
BMJ insist on a high level of integrity in any trial they publish and this is the first peer-reviewed
trial in the world directly relating to specialist static magnets in regard to pain relief.
Magnetic bracelets may relieve hip and knee pain.
Extract from the British Medical Journal ( 17/12/04
Randomised controlled trial of magnetic bracelets for relieving pain in osteo-arthritis of the hip
and knee
Harlow, T. 1, Greaves, C. 2, White, A. 3, Brown, L. 4, Hart A. 5, Ernst, E 6
Wearing a magnetic bracelet could reduce the pain arising from osteo-arthritis of the hip and
What is already known on this topic?
− Static magnets are widely used for the relief of pain
− Evidence about their efficacy in osteo-arthritis is contradictory
− Placebo effects are particularly difficult to control because of the easy detection of
After randomising 194 people aged 45-80 to wearing a standard strength static bipolar
magnetic bracelet, a weak magnetic bracelet, or a non-magnetic (dummy) bracelet for 12
weeks, Harlow and colleagues (p 1450) found that mean pain scores were reduced
significantly more in those in the standard magnet group than in the dummy group.
What this study adds
− Bracelets with static magnets decrease the pain from osteo-arthritis of the hip and
knee, over and above the effects of placebo.
− These benefits are supplementary to those from usual treatments.
For full details of the report see
Other studies that failed to show an effect on pain generally used weaker magnets (19 to 50
mTesla). Studies that have shown an effect used stronger magnets (47 to 180 mTesla)
NB The aforesaid "successful stronger" magnets in the above trial were 'Bioflow' magnets,
which have very powerful magnets using Central Reverse Polarity technology. The Bioflow
magnet uses a unique pattern of magnetism that ensures the body is subjected to a varying
magnetic field simulating that produced by electronic equipment.
General Practitioner College Surgery, Cullompton, Devon, EX15 1TG
Research Fellow, Peninsula Medical School (Primary Care), Exeter, EX2 5DW
Senior Research Fellow, Peninsula Medical School, Tamar Science Park, Plymouth, PL6 8BX
Research Assistant, Peninsula Medical School (Complementary Medicine), Exeter, EX2 4NT
Statistician, Lancashire School of Health and Postgraduate Medicine, University of Central Lancashire, Preston,
Professor of Complementary Medicine, Peninsula Medical School (Complementary Medicine), Exeter, EX2 4NT
Magnetic pain relief bracelets 'really work'
Positive force: Magnetic wristbands were effective
By Jenny Hope
Medical Correspondent, Daily Mail Dec 2004
MAGNETIC bracelets worn by thousands to relieve the agony of arthritis really work, a study of
sufferers suggests. The gadgets, 'significantly reduce' pain if the magnetic field is strong
enough, the research shows.
They were tested by medical experts commissioned by the Arthritis Research Campaign to try
to decide conclusively whether they were genuinely effective or a marketing gimmick.
Researchers used 194 patients aged 45 to 80 who had osteo-arthritis of the hip or knee. Some
were given a standard-strength magnetic bracelet, others a weak one, and the rest a dummy
version with no magnetism at all.
The researchers found pain was significantly reduced in the patients wearing the standard
bracelet compared to the dummy one. There was little difference between the group wearing
weak magnets and those wearing the dummy magnets, says a report on the study in today's
British Medical Journal. The analysts, from the Peninsula Medical School, Plymouth, said they
could not explain the effect.
Some doctors suggest an imbalance in the body's magnetic field can lead to pain and disease,
and that an electric current produced by bracelets somehow improves circulation. Around
760,000 people in the UK suffer from osteo-arthritis, making three million visits a year to GPs
for the condition.
Manufacturers claim the bracelets can reduce pain in a variety of conditions, but past research
has proved contradictory, with some studies showing pain reduction and others reporting no
effect at all.
The researchers concluded that magnetic bracelets were clinically useful, but higher strength
magnets were necessary. They said taking painkillers such as paracetamol costs at least £20
a year and might cause side effects. 'Larger investigations should now test the safety of
magnets relative to the well-known risks of analgesics,' they added. They said the bracelets
should be used to supplement treatments already being taken by sufferers, rather than
replacing them.
A spokesman for the Arthritis Research Campaign said: 'Results appear to show that they do
reduce pain in people with hip and knee osteo-arthritis although it is still unclear how. As they
are quite cheap and safe, people with osteo-arthritis might want to consider wearing them as
part of their self-help regime.'
Therapy That’s So Attractive
By Sheila Lavery
The Express June 1999
They are used to treat everything from arthritis to migraines. Cleopatra and Queen Elizabeth I
are said to have worn magnets for their healing properties and the first astronauts found that
magnets helped to counteract "space sickness". Magnet therapy has an honourable history in
Eastern bloc countries while in the West, sports people use them to relieve pain and
encourage healing of injuries. But now, biomagnets are available to everyone - some even use
them on pets.
Magnets and magnetic devices emit electromagnetic fields (EMFs). These are used in conventional medical practice to heal fractures, wounds and skin conditions and to treat circulation
problems. They are also used for diagnosis in MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scans.
Magnets used in self-help devices such as bracelets emit weak EMFs and are safe to use at
home. One study carried out at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, showed 76 per
cent of former polio patients reported pain relief when wearing a magnet, compared with 19
per cent wearing placebo magnets.
Somerset GP Dr Richard Lawson is convinced of their benefits. In the last two years, 90 of his
patients with arthritis and similar problems have benefited from wearing a magnetic bracelet.
"In my experience magnets appear to relieve many aches and pains with negligible side
effects," says Dr Lawson. "If somebody can control arthritic pain with magnets rather than
drugs, both they and the NHS are better off because anti-arthritic drugs can erode the
Nobody knows exactly how magnets affect body functioning but Dr Lawson says: "It is standard knowledge that they have an effect on biological tissue. My own theory is that large
molecules in the blood are 'ordered' as they pass through a magnetic field."
Another theory suggests that body cells have their own subtle magnetic fields and that when
EMFs are applied, they influence cell permeability so cells can take in more oxygen and
What happens
Magnet therapy can take the form of DIY or treatment by a practitioner (known as Biomagnetic
Therapy). The self-help category is the most popular and a range of devices is available
including magnetic bracelets and in-soles. These use "static" or ordinary magnets with very low
magnetic power to exert a continuous low level healing effect.
Bracelets look like watch straps which you wear night and day. Manufacturers claim that, with
the right product, you should experience pain relief within 10 days (immune system or circulation disorders may take longer).
Effects depend on the individual; some notice immediate improvements, others don't benefit at
Biomagnetic therapy is practised by some acupuncturists, osteopaths and homoeopaths as
well as some GPs and vets. The treatment was developed 17 years ago by Dr Osamu Itoh, an
acupuncturist. The therapy is described as like acupuncture without needles and osteopathy
without manipulation.
Therapists use static magnets on the master points of the eight "extraordinary" meridians channels of the body's energy. These meridians are separate from the 12 used in acupuncture
and are involved in the government of body structure and health. Treatment usually lasts 20
What it can do for you
Research has shown magnets to be beneficial in treating problems as diverse as ankle
sprains, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and depression. However, most of this research is based
on the use of pulsed electro-magnetic fields, which are more powerful than static magnets. The
evidence for self-help devices is mostly anecdotal but users claim improvements in fractures,
arthritis, sports injuries, osteoporosis, period pain, migraine, back pain, recurrent infections,
circulation problems, insomnia and inflamed muscles.
Many companies provide a refund if you are not satisfied with the results within a given period.
You can use magnetic products while taking conventional medicine but do have your
medication reviewed regularly. There are no known side effects but magnets are unsuitable if
you use a pacemaker.
Want to Know More?
If you would like to know more about
the success of Magnotherapy as a
Complementary Therapy then why not
purchase a copy of
‘Magnotherapy ~ the pHacts’,
one of the most authoritative and simply
written publications on the subject.
It’s all around us!
Our lives are now so full of modern technology it would
be hard to imagine a day without using a mobile phone,
computer or microwave oven. Whilst we all experience
the benefits of such inventions, there is an expanding
body of evidence that suggests the modern electronic
world in which we live is also full of 'electro-pollution'
that is damaging our health and the health of our
children. One company has been investing in
comprehensive research in order to develop products
that help provide protection from this threat. Their
Bioguard and Biophone products use the principle of
'bio-resonance feedback' which acts on every cell in our
bodies to help combat the problem.
HOW they work
The Bioguard and Biophone use 'bio-resonance feedback' and work by mirroring the cells'
natural healthy frequencies and, in feeding them back to our bodies, effectively neutralising the
potentially damaging unnatural frequencies.
This is a difficult concept to grasp however a diagram saves a thousand words and the
illustrations on this page attempt to simplify the concept of the normalising of body waves.
A clinical trial* was carried out on people claiming problems with mobile phones and the
Biophone was found to reduce the complaints by a staggering 42%.
*Results of the trial are available at
Don’t waste your money...
...on inferior products!
There are any number of static magnets on the market of varying strength,
making all sorts of claims. However, it is our belief that there is only one
clinically peer reviewed device and that is the Bioflow (as used in the BMJ trial).
Do not be misled by others.
The Bioflow is patented and no similar device exists.
The magnetic field created, called Central Reverse Polarity, is also unique,
and this descriptive term is trademarked in Europe.
Further, it's best to buy from a reputable retailer with a flexible return policy.
That way if the product doesn't work for you, it can be returned.
If you would like to receive details of the range of Bioflow products,
please do contact us right away through
[email protected]
Working to bring you health through therapy.
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