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Unit 10: Worksheet 7a
(1) Name 3 forces that can be exerted without direct contact:
(2) All 3 of the above forces have an ___________ ____________ relationship with
a. If the distance between 2 magnets is doubled, the magnetic force will…
b. If the distance between 2 magnets is tripled, the magnetic force will…
c. If the distance between 2 magnets is quadrupled, the magnetic force will…
d. If the distance between 2 magnets is halved, the magnetic force will…
(3) A bar magnet is oriented as shown below. Sketch the magnetic field lines surrounding it
and inside it. Be sure to show directions of the lines you draw.
(4) Magnetism is a result of charges in _________________.
(5) A ____________________ field surrounds a charge in motion.
(6) A current-carrying wire is wrapped around an iron core as shown forming an ____________.
(7) What are 2 different ways to make an electromagnet stronger:
(8) How do the domains in a magnetized piece of iron differ from those in a non-magnetized
piece of iron? Use diagrams to support your answer.
(9) What does heating or striking a magnet do to it?___________________________________
(10) Two North poles (attract or repel) each other. (circle one)
(11) _______________________ change the voltage in a circuit.
(12) A (motor or generator) converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. (circle one)
(13) Name something specific that uses an electric motor. _____________________________
(14) __________________________ waves are composed of electric and magnetic fields that
regenerate each other.