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The Renaissance
Started in Florence, Italy – a wealthy center of
commerce by the 15th century
A “rebirth” of artistic, social, scientific, &
political ideas from ancient Rome & Greece
As European markets grew, the merchants,
bankers, & artisans became wealthier. They
invested their money in fine clothing,
luxurious homes, beautiful artwork,
and new ideas.
Artists were supported by the wealthy merchant
class, the Catholic Church, & political leaders.
Raphael’s paintings showed religious themes like
the Virgin Mary & Jesus.
He was also known for being a brilliant architect.
Was a skilled painter & the most famous of the
Renaissance sculptors
Commissioned by the Catholic Church to paint
the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican
Also created religious sculptures, the Pieta,
showing Jesus after his crucifixion
Leonardo da vinci
Brilliant painter, sculptor, inventor, scientist, &
Most famously painted the Mona Lisa & The
Last Supper
Also created plans & models for flying machines,
parachutes, tanks, & machine guns
Often wrote backwards or in code
Copernicus & galileo
Scientists & astronomers who
concluded that the Earth was
NOT the center of the
When Galileo showed
support for Copernicus’
theory, the Catholic Church
put him under house arrest
for challenging its authority.
Galileo continued to use
telescopes to observe the sky
and space.
Johannes gutenberg
Invented the printing press, which used
movable type, & allowed books to be copied at a
much faster rate than ever before
More people could afford books – NOT just the
nobility & royalty!
More people became
Popular books in the late
1400s: the Bible, almanacs,
travel guides, romance
novels, & poetry
The reformation
The Catholic Church
WEALTHY during the
Middle Ages
With wealth came
corrupt practices that
started to anger some of
its followers
Started to accept money
for indulgences, or
pardons from sins –
Crusaders also given
pardons before leaving
for war
Martin luther
Openly criticized the Catholic Church
Was excommunicated, or kicked out of, the
Church for the following beliefs:
• People should be judged based
on their belief in God
• The Church should NOT sell
• ALL people should be able to
read & interpret the Bible
This new movement that protested the Catholic
Church’s policies became known as Protestantism
Lutherans: followers of Martin Luther
Calvinists: followers of John Calvin, another
religious protester
Other Protestant sects like Baptists, Methodists,
Episcopalians, & Anglicans followed in Luther’s
The Catholic Church responded to the Protestant
Reformation by calling the Council of Trent in
Wanted to hang onto its followers – did NOT want
people questioning OR leaving the Church!
Council of Trent results:
• ONLY the pope & religious officials could interpret the
• The pope still remained the highest authority in the
• HOWEVER, the Church made some reforms like
banning the sale of indulgences!