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50 East 11th Ave  Apt E  Columbus, OH 43201  330-265-9492  [email protected]
The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH (2007-Present)
 Bachelor of Science, Business Administration
 Major: Finance Minor: Economics
GPA: 3.73
Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA (2006-2007)
 Major: Investment Management
GPA: 3.97
June, 2010
Fisher Futures Investment Banking Program: 1 of 12 top finance students selected for highly
competitive, faculty selected program that exposes students to investment banking, financial
modeling, security analysis, and business valuation
 Wall Street Prep: Completed certification of Financial and Valuation Modeling program
 Sigma Pi Fraternity: Founding Father
 Golden Key Honor Society: Honors academically distinguished upperclassmen at OSU
 Beta Gamma Sigma International Honor Society
 Director’s Circle: Honors first-year students who display exceptional academic performance
Columbus, OH
Creator, Co-Founder, Partner
 Provided apparel to signify and celebrate events, holidays, and memorable occasions
 Managed company finances, product creation and marketing strategy enabling the
company to become profitable within the first day of sales
Merrill Lynch
Columbus, OH
Financial Services Intern
7/2009 – 9/2009
 Located prospective clients by mining various sources for qualified potential investors
 Established relationships, and then successfully petitioned them to seek Merrill Lynch’s services
 Learned how to interact with executives and how to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships
Arthur Middleton Capital Holdings
Canton, OH
Finance/Accounting Intern
7/2008 - 9/2008, 6/2009 - 8/2009
 Collaborated with AMCH’s controller to create more efficient ways for company executives to
anticipate product Profits and Losses
 Created forecasting templates to project the Income Statements of 12 of AMCH’s subsidiary
companies (used by the respective VP’s to make more diligent financial decisions)
 Conducted an internal audit of Heat Surge LLC (a subsidiary of AMCH)
 Learned methods of financial reporting and developed strong skill set in analysis and due diligence
Wentz Financial Group (of Wachovia Securities)
Hudson, OH
Wealth Management Intern
 Initiated and developed a program to educate GM employees and unions members in
fiscal issues caused by the recession
 Set up financial information sessions for aforementioned
 Learned how to effectively find and maintain clients, and how to allocate funds based on riskaversion strategies
 Undergraduate Finance Association
 Common Cents Investment Group
 Ohio State Club Rugby
 Duquesne Association for Information Technology
 Duquesne Investment Club
 CFA society of Columbus
 Interests include: tennis, football, golf, basketball, writing, reading