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Information & Resources
Useful information to help drive your company’s mobile marketing
The shopper landscape is changing rapidly – due in no small part to the ubiquity of the
smartphone. These days, consumer access to data and information at a moment’s notice is
changing the way brands engage with their audience.
Below you will find a collection of recent articles and statistics that provide insight into current
shopping and mobility trends. We hope you find them useful.
Mobile Marketing
 Definition: Mobile marketing is a set of practices that enables organizations to
communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner
through any mobile device or network. (Mobile Marketing Association)
 Report: Mobile Marketing Growing More Powerful By The Quarter (Mobile Marketing
 Infographic: A (short) history of mobile marketing (The Wall)
 Four out of five global Internet users in 2014 will be a mobile Web user: eMarketer
 15 Mind-Blowing Stats For Marketers To Start 2014 (
Mobile Shopping
 Shoppers will expect more mobile content from brands, retailers in 2014 (Mobile
Payments Today)
 All-the-Time Shopping: Mobile Beyond the Transaction (MediaPost)
 50+ fascinating stats about mobile commerce in the US (eConsultancy)
 App Usage Doubled in 2013 (Mobile Marketing Magazine)
 State of Mobile 2013 (Digital Buzz)
 Wireless Quick Facts (CTIA)