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Kristine Khacheryan
Professor Gordon
April 17, 2022
The Advantages of Living In A Big City
Are you thinking of moving to the big city? In recent years, large cities have become
increasingly populous. While the countryside provides a peaceful and attractive setting, it lacks
many of the benefits that make city life so appealing. Living in a major city offers a lot of
advantages, but living outside of one has a lot of advantages as well. Some of the benefits of
living in a big city include access to a variety of public transportation options and access to
quality restaurants and shopping centers.
To begin with, the range of transportation alternatives accessible in a big city may make
life quite comfortable for people, according to Greater Greater Washington. Due to a lack of
transportation, residents in small towns sometimes have difficulty getting from one location to
another. A good example of this can be, if a passenger misses a planned bus or train, he or she
may have to wait a long time for the next bus to arrive. Visitors can get to their location in a city
for a fair fee whether they travel by cab, metro, or bus, and also won't have to worry about
finding a parking spot. Many city folks also choose to walk or ride their bikes around town as a
form of transportation and exercise. Big city public transit is the obvious choice whether you're
seeking for a speedy, stress-free method to travel around the city or want to substantially reduce
the cost of getting around.
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An additional advantage of living in the city is the availability of high-quality restaurants and
shopping malls where you may shop for a variety of well-known brands. Urban centers not only
provide a plethora of entertainment possibilities, but they also provide people with a wide range
of good food and shopping options. The Toronto Eaton Centre, located in the middle of the city,
is a wonderful example of business. With four floors of retail and over 230 businesses, it is
Canada's largest urban center. Another example is Chicago's famed Magnificent Mile, where you
may spend at historic department shops while also discovering stylish new boutiques. If you
need some pampering after a long day of shopping, this large retail mall has a spa and beauty
In summary, living in a big city has multiple advantages allowing people to have a variation of
transportation methods and top notch restaurants and shopping centers. Living in a big city
allows people to get to your planned destination faster. It also allows people to have a quality
time at restaurants and shopping centers. Understanding the advantages of living in a big city can
help one make a wise decision on what kind of lifestyle may best suit them.