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Analysys International: China Mobile Shopping Created 78 Billion Yuan in Q1, 2014
The statistics from EnfoDesk, the Seasonal Survey of China Mobile Shopping Market in Q1, 2014,
newly released by Analysys International, shows that the transaction of China mobile shopping
created 78.02 billion Yuan, up 207 percent year-on-year, with a sequential growth rate being 13
percent. The overall market is experiencing a boom.
Analysys International holds that the market share of China mobile shopping in Q1, 2014 equals
to half of the volume in 2013. The main driving forces for the rapid development of mobile
shopping are mainly three aspects. First, most of the manufacturers treat the mobile terminal as
a major direction of 2014. Each major manufacturer has launched promotional activities in
mobile terminal in the first quarter to seize the opening share of 2014. Second, the increasing
habit of consumers has formed and their awareness for mobile shopping becomes more mature.
Third, the maturity of some other fields, like mobile games and mobile taxi-calling, also indirectly
contributes to consumers’ habit of using mobile payment and accelerates the mobility of mobile
In terms of the market share, the market share of Taobao Mobile (including Taobao and Tmall in
mobile terminal) down 3 percent compared with the last quarter, but Taobao Mobile still
occupies 78.3 percent of the market share with more advanced advantage in mobile shopping
experience. JD Mobile ranked the second with market share increasing over the previous quarter.
Based on consumers’ Demand for flash purchase, some mobile e-commerce providers such as and attract more consumers and become a rising star. The market shares of
some pure mobile ecommerce providers such as and further decline and
gradually lost their competitive edge. Analysys International holds that the competition exists in
not only front-end products but also the whole of the back-end supply-chain. Although pure
mobile terminal manufacturers was starting in the third and fourth-tier cities to do in the field
that mainstream PC makers was not concerned, in the lake of the supply chain and brand power,
they will face higher cost when they focusing on pure mobile business in third and forth tier
Research Definitions
Online Retail is retail transaction activity by using internet as a medium for both parties, which
is using the information organization and transmission on the Internet to accomplish the
ownership transformation of tangible and intangible goods.
B2C online retail is a business model that enterprises sell products to customers by using
Internet. The general statistics do not consist of manufacturer self-built platform.
C2C is a business model for enterprises to provide users an online transaction platform in order
to achieve commodity trading among users.
The turnover statistics in this report is based on the summation of users’ orders, including the
canceled orders, vendors’ purchasing (scalpers’ orders) and invalid orders because of inventory
information errors.