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Possible Organizational Patterns (with topic examples) for a Persuasive Speech
Topical / Logical pattern (Organization is based on 2-5 reasons, advantages, disadvantages, effects, causes, etc.)
Music helps children develop academically, culturally, and psychologically. (see example one)
Binge drinking negatively affects college students academically, socially, and financially.
Social media negatively affects romantic relationships by creating jealousy within the relationship,
secrecy within the relationship, yet eliminating the privacy of the relationship.
College study abroad programs benefit college students culturally and educationally.
Compare/Contrast pattern (Although this pattern could be used in persuasion, it works best for informative
speeches. Even though a persuasive claim is made by comparing/contrasting options, the organization of the speech will most
likely follow the topical/logical pattern discussed above. Although the examples below are based on comparisons, ideas are
still organized by topics (areas of comparison).
Shopping at Publix is better that Winn Dixie because of their customer service, community
outreach, and promotional savings.
Holiday shopping online is more rewarding that the traditional manner of shopping because
online shopping is more relaxing, convenient, and efficient.
Problem & Solution (There are three options when using a problem/solution organizational pattern.)
Option I (Explanation of why the problem exists or how the problem will impact the audience is needed.)
III. Solution
Today, we will examine the problem many Americans with heart failure are currently facing, the factors
contributing to this problem, and how the ghost heart can offer a solution to those waiting on a heart
transplant. (see example two)
Today, we will address the problem with the death penalty, why this problem is media driven, and
steps our judicial system can take to avoid such media discrimination.
Today, we will examine the problem of divorce in America, how reality shows contribute to this
problem, and simple steps that can be taken to protect your marriage.
Option II (Explanation of the why the problem exists or how the problem will impact the audience is obvious.)
Option III (The solution of the problem is obvious. Or, the speaker may chose to omit presenting a solution and
concentrate on why the problem exists or how the problem will impact the audience.)
Today we will address the problem with the death penalty and why this problem is driven by
media coverage.
Today, we will examine the problem of divorce in America and how social media is contributing to
this problem.