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Geology 2, Mineral and Igneous Rock Test – Tuesday Feb 3, 2015
25 points
1 page of 8.5 by 11 inch sheet of notes allowed. No photocopies – your own work. Computer
generated sheets are allowed, but no cut and paste of tables, diagrams, or photos.
You are responsible for identification and properties (hardness, ability to cleave, color) of the
following minerals:
 Quartz
 Light and Dark Mica (or muscovite and biotite)
 Light and Dark and Pink Feldspar (or Sodium Plagioclase, Calcium Plagioclase, Orthoclase)
 Amphibole (or hornblende)
 Pyroxene (or Augite)
 Olivine
You are responsible for identification and properties (visible minerals; small or large crystals) of the
following rocks:
 Granite
 Diorite
 Gabbro
 Peridotite
 Rhyolite
 Andesite
 Basalt
Types of Questions to Expect:
Describe the distinguishing properties of a mineral.
List the specific mineral (name)
List an igneous rock that would likely include a specific mineral
Indicate if a rock is intrusive or extrusive and explain the basis for you answer
List the name of an igneous rock
List the visible minerals present in a rock.
Identify an igneous rock and describe how it was formed and what the presence of the rock indicates
about the geologic environment during rock formation.