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Science Chapter 8 Study Sheet
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Many living creatures turn into usable resources. Plants turn into coal, a seed grows into a tree, sea
organisms turn into oil, and peat turns into coal. A seed turning into a tree is the fastest of these.
When two tectonic plates jerk into a new position an earthquake occurs. Two plates can collide forming
folds, tilts, and lifts or mountains. They can also pull apart from each other to form a rift valley.
Think about air pollution. It is not always caused by humans. A volcanic eruption causes a great deal of
air pollution.
To determine the streak of a mineral you rub the mineral on a rough, hard, white surface.
Igneous and sedimentary rock can turn into metamorphic rock when the igneous rock experiences high
pressures, cool, and then hardens. Metamorphic rock often has layers that are easy to identify.
To prevent wind erosion of topsoil, farmers surround fields with natural barriers, such as trees.
The greatest amount of decayed material is in topsoil.
Think about it: Can you describe the rock cycle? Make sure you can explain how one type of rock
becomes another type of rock.