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Geog 1120: Intro to Earth Sciences
Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Fall 2016
J. Koch
Lab 2 Identification of Igneous Rocks
Objective: To recognize the major types of igneous rocks and to understand the genetic
significance of their texture and composition.
1. Identify the rock specimens provided and identify each one in the accompanying table.
2. What criteria did you use to identify the igneous rock specimens? (4)
3. What is the origin of the vesicles in basalt? (1)
4. What characteristics distinguish granite from basalt? Be specific in terms of chemical
composition by referring to the igneous rock classification chart. (4)
5. What is the difference in chemical composition between samples 5 and 6? What
characteristics do they have in common? (2)
6. With what type of geologic event is andesite usually associated? Where in North
America would one look for it? (2)
7. What geomorphologic events are implied if a granitic body is exposed at the surface?
Rock name
number Intrusive/