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Grade 3
Science Practice
Set 4
1. Rocks are classified into the three major groups (igneous,
metamorphic, and sedimentary) by
A. their color
B. their size
C. their formation
d. the types of minerals in them
2. Igneous rocks are formed when ___________ cools.
A. magma
B. sediment
C. water
D. stone
3. How do sedimentary rocks form?
A. when magma cools
B. when layers of sediment build up
C. when a volcano erupts
D. when the rock is exposed to heat and pressure
4. What type of rock forms by changing under heat and pressure?
A. Igneous rocks
B. Rock fragments
C. Sedimentary rocks
D. Metamorphic rocks
5. When an igneous rock cools slowly, it has a __________ texture.
When an igneous rock cools quickly, it has a _________ texture.
A. wet; dry
B. glassy; colored
C. sharp; round
D. smooth; rough