Download Geology Final Exam Review 1st Semester What drives Earth`s rock

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Geology Final Exam Review
1st Semester
1. What drives Earth’s rock cycle?
2. What are the textures of igneous rocks?
a. Describe what causes the different textures.
3. Tell the differences between gabbro and granite.
4. List the 3 main compositional types of igneous rocks.
a. Describe the mineral differences for each type.
5. List the 3 main types of volcanoes.
a. Describe the differences between each volcano. (Hint: use a chart)
6. What factors determine the type of volcanic eruptions?
7. Give an example of our local batholith.
8. What are the types of weathering?
a. Give 2 examples for each type.
9. Describe how sediment is transported.
a. How can sediment size tell you a story?
10. What are the types of sedimentary rocks?
a. Define each type.
11. How does lithification occur?
12. List the types of metamorphism.
a. Describe their importance or main effect of the metamorphic process.
13. What are the available energy resources to the citizens of the United States?