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Marketing Awards Program
Report to the Marketing Council
Jimmy Adams, NHC
Joyce Boatright, NHC
Franklin Emeka, KC
Steve Lestarjette, DSTC
Michelle Tran, CFC
Create a marketing awards program that
recognizes exemplary contributions to the
district’s marketing goals, grows enrollment,
improves service or access, strengthens public
support, or promotes marketing success.
Through this program, the Marketing Council
will demonstrate that marketing is the job of
every employee and contributions are valued.
The committee recommends awards in four
1. Academic or workforce program that
develops, implements , evaluates a
marketing plan.
2. Student who contributes through exemplary
service or enterprise.
3. Community advocate
4. “Best marketing initiative”
Committee agreed upon the following:
1. That each award be selected by each
college, but honored by the Marketing
Council at a significant function.
2. Candidates be “nominated” by peers.
3. Marketing Council will select outstanding
honorees for additional recognition.
4. Nominations made in January for midMarch event.
Next Steps:
Committee will meet in July to draft:
• Criteria for each award
• Awards
• Nominating process, form
• Selection process
• Event organization