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Mahajana General Knowledge Contest – Sample Questions
Grade 11 and 12
Part A- Questions
1. Which country was struck by a devastating earthquake of Richter scale magnitude
7.0 (- worst in two centuries) on 12th of Jan. 2010?
a) China
b) California
c) Italy
d) Haiti*
2. Slumdog Millionaire won 8 awards at the 2009 OSCAR awards ceremony.
Which movie won six awards at the 2010 OSCAR awards ceremony?
a) Avatar
b) The Hurt Locker*
c) Crazy Heart
d) The Blind Side
3. Protesters gathered on streets of the Egyptian capital, Cairo, on a continuous
demonstration calling for the resignation of the country’s President. Who was
this Egyptian President?
a) Hosni Mubarak*
b) Zine El Abidine Ben Ali
c) Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz
d) Pervez Musharraf
4. Which team won the National Hockey League Championship for 2009-2010?
a) Chicago Blackhawks*
b) Montreal Canadiens
c) Pittsburg Penguins
d) Detroit Red Wings
5. Enactment of the British North America Act on 1st July 1867 united Canada as a
single country and this day was originally called:
a) Victory Day
b) Unified Day
c) Dominion Day*
d) Freedom Day
6. Blue Jays baseball team won back to back to World Series titles in 1992 and
1993. Their second baseman from 1991 to 1995 was recently admitted to the
Baseball’s Hall of Fame. What is his name?
a) Joe Carter
b) John Olerud
c) Roberto Alomar*
d) Paul Molitor
Mahajana General Knowledge Contest – Sample Questions
Grade 11 and 12
Part B-Questions
7. Bacteria are known to be the cause of many diseases. Who was the first person to
observe bacteria?
a) Allen Wilson
b) Konrad von Gesner
c) Nehemiah Grew
d) Antonie van Leuwenhoek*
8. Uranium atoms are split under controlled conditions to produce what is known as
a chain reaction that produces large amounts of heat energy in nuclear reactors.
How is this process called?
a) Transfusion
b) Fusion
c) Diffusion
d) Fission*
9. First important step of understanding radioactivity and atomic structure was made
in 1902 at McGill University. It was carried out by,
a) Earnest Rutherford & Fredrick Soddy*
b) Randy Scott & Denis Myer
c) Dr Laurence and Enrico Fermi
d) Dr Robert Tomlinson
10. The International Court of Justice is responsible for,
a) determining the guilt of those charged with genocide or war crimes
b) sentencing those found guilty of genocide or war crimes
c) resolving legal issue or complaints between countries*
d) deciding whether a state should receive economic sanctions