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Presentation Date:
:1 November 2010
To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of CASH Golden Sail Music Awards in 2010, CASH
specially co-organised with MOOV to launch the “CASH Golden Sail Music Awards‧10th
Anniversary Favourite Awards” voting activity in September 2010, inviting the public to vote
for their “best of the best” in the winning works of the three significant awards in the past
years, “Best Melody”, “Best Lyrics” and “CASH Best Song”.
Awards List
Best Melody
富士山下 (2007)
- Composer:Christopher Chak
Best Lyrics
人來人往 (2003)
富士山下 (2007)
- Author:Lin Xi
- Author:Lin Xi
CASH Best Song
明年今日 (2003)
Composer:Chen Xiao Xia
Author:Lin Xi
Arranger / Producer:Chan Fai Young
Performer:Eason Chan