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Media Awards
WHY Media Awards
Lyudmila Stayshyunayte - Uzbekistan
Uzbekistan Today Information Agency
Climate change and food supply
by Lyudmila Stayshyunayte, Uzbekistan
Have you ever wondered what our
children and grandchildren will eat in 50
years? Will we have enough water to
grow life’s essential crops?
Erkin Karabaev, a farmer from Yangiyul
in Uzbekistan, had to sow his main crop
of cotton three times this year. The spring
brought rain, but cotton requires four hot,
dry months. The climate has noticeably
changed in Uzebekistan over recent
years. Some crops do not manage to
ripen and others dry out. This year the
seasons have shifted by 15-20 days. (…)
WHY Media Awards
Arpi Harutyunyan - Armenia
Transitions on-line
A Chernobyl Cocktail in
by Arpi Harutyunyan, Armenia
The city of Kajaran in the Syunik Marz,
Armenia, experiences an ‘earthquake’
measuring 3.0-4.0 on the Richter scale
three or four times a week between 4.45
and 5.00 p.m. That’s when workers at
the Zangezur Copper and Molybdenum
Plant conduct explosions in the opencast mines to extract ore for processing.
The plant’s open-cast mine is about ten
kilometers outside Kajaran, but the
explosions there can be felt throughout
the town and in outlying villages. (…)
WHY Media Awards
Roman Lebed - Ukraine
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Ukraine’s water crisis – Health
crisis? Point of no return?
by Roman Lebed, Ukraine
When it comes to water supply
problems, we usually think of countries
plagued by fatal water-borne diseases or
those regions of the world constantly
suffering from drought. But today
Ukraine falls into the category of
countries with low levels of water
resources. It ranks among the lowest in
Europe in terms of sufficiency of water
supply and its water consumption per
one unit of GDP exceeds that of its
European neighbours several fold. (…)
WHY Media Awards
Adeline Marcos - Spain
Spanish Scientific News Agency (SINC)
Spain fights climate change
by Adeline Marcos, Spain
During the last two decades, extreme
climate events have affected Spanish
society more and more. Drought
prevents people from irrigating their
gardens and fields, fires consume
Spanish forests, and people, especially
the elderly, die from the heat. But this is
just the beginning. Desertification is
extending into Spanish territories. The
Spanish Government has already
started to worry. Now more than ever
Spanish society needs to change to
protect itself (…)
WHY Media Awards
Mette Sikjaer - Denmark
Dental Amalgam – a Danish
tale of restrictions and
by Mette Sikjaer, Denmark
In the beginning, the inhabitants on the
small island only wondered slightly at
the strange occurrences that started
taking place around them. (…)
For many years, mercury was widely
used in Denmark – as in most other
countries – as a component in the
production of paper, sowing seeds,
batteries, chloralkali, etc. By the
beginning of the 1980s there was
growing concern about the effect of
mercury on the environment.
WHY Media Awards
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