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Small Visitor Attraction of
the Year
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Small Visitor Attraction of the Year
This category is for visitor attractions with less than 75,000 visitors a year and/or fewer than 10 full-time
equivalent paid staff, including those that offer pre-booked tickets, museums and galleries, churches and
cathedrals, interpretation centres, theme parks, historic houses, gardens, country parks, heritage railways
and castles.
If you have won Gold in the Beautiful South Awards for two years in row in this category, you are not
eligible to enter this award the following year but you might want to consider another category. In most
cases four finalists from the Beautiful South Awards are eligible to enter the VisitEngland Awards 2017
the only exception to this will be if you won a VisitEngland Gold Award in this category in 2016.
Finalists will be chosen based on this form and judges will also look at your website (on desktop, mobile
and tablet), use of social media, what customers are saying about you and how you respond on review
sites. If there is any other information (not available online) that you would like to include, to illustrate
points made in your entry, please email one pdf document no larger than 5mb. If more than one
document is sent or it is larger than 5mb it can not be sent on to the judges. All finalists will be mystery
Please provide complete answers to all the questions; if you leave them blank you will not receive a score
for that question. At the end of each question please include weblinks, if you have them, to support your
answer; note these are not included in the word count.
Please give details of the person we should contact with regard to this entry. The
email given here will be the email address we will use for all future
Contact Name:
Business name (that may be used in future publicity):
Telephone number:
Details of any other websites you would like us to look at regarding your entry:
When is your property closed?
How long you have been operating as a business?
What number of visitors did you achieve in 2015/16?
How many staff do you employ (full and part time, including yourselves)?
Please give a brief description of your business (max 200 words).
1. Please list any awards won and accreditations, accolades achieved in the last
two years, including title, organising body, level and dates achieved eg
TripAdvisor certificates, GTBS, VAQAS, Code of Practice etc.
2. What makes your business unique and why should you win this award (max
400 words)?
□ What makes you different from everyone else and the best in your sector; is it
your location, facilities etc?
3. With regard to your customer service what do you do specifically to ensure
your visitors have a memorable time when they are with you (max 300 words)?
□ Detail how you exceed your visitors’ expectations?
□ How do you gather feedback?
4. What improvements and/or developments have you made to your business to
improve your customers’ experience within the last 2 years (max 300 words)?
□ This could include facilities, new experiences etc
□ Was it a result of customer feedback?
□ What has been the impact eg % increase in positive feedback, sales etc.
5. What innovative marketing have you done to attract new and repeat business
and what was the result eg increased bookings etc (max 300 words)?
□ Details of any packages you offer or marketing partnerships with other
□ Examples of innovative promotional campaigns
□ Upgrades to your website/online booking
□ Innovative use of social media
□ Include links to online marketing activities and PR
6. Have you (and your staff if appropriate) undertaken any training which has
resulted in improved customer service (max 200 words)?
□ This could include courses, workshops, conferences, networking events, staff
briefing etc
□ Give details of any customer service awards or accreditation you have received
7. What facilities and services do you offer to ensure that your business is
inclusive and accessible to all eg young, old, those with pushchairs,
wheelchairs, assistance dogs, learning difficulties or temporary health
conditions etc (max 150 words)?
Examples could include: Large print menus/brochures/signage ie use of
symbols/images, hearing loops, accessible toilets, parking, how you cater for
special dietary requirements etc?
8. Please give details of particular steps you have taken in the area of
sustainability to the benefit of the environment, local community and your
guests/visitors (max 150 words)?
Examples could include: Local sourcing of produce, services and staff, use of eco
friendly/fair trade goods, how you work with the local community, charities and
other businesses, what you do to minimise use of energy, waste and water?
What to do now
□ Please return your entry as a Word document along with any supporting
evidence (max one attachment of 5mb) by email to
[email protected] before the closing date given on the
□ Future communications will be from Nell Barrington, Services for Tourism Ltd,
who is managing the Beautiful South Awards on behalf of Tourism South East.
Nell’s email address is: [email protected]; please add this
address to your address book to avoid communications being treated as
Spam/Junk. When you submit your entry you will receive an email
acknowledging it. If you do not please check your Spam/Junk folders and failing
that contact us.
□ It is a requirement of entry that you agree to waive or refund the cost of a
mystery visit should your entry be successful in being short listed and a mystery
visit arranged. A mystery visit will normally comprise a visit including relevant
meals and refreshments, for up to 2 visitors (or up to 5 for a family experience).
Should you be nominated in the national VisitEngland awards a further visit for
up to 2 visitors may take place. Receipt of your entry is taken as agreement to
this requirement. If your internal procedures require you to issue a purchase
order or set up Services for Tourism Ltd as a supplier, please ensure this is done
as soon as a visit has taken place.
□ For entrants that are nominated to represent the region in the VisitEngland
awards your entry is taken as agreement that we may share our mystery shop
reports with the VisitEngland judges.
Please tick one of the following:
I am a current member of Tourism South East and entitled to free entry to
the Awards. My membership number is …………………………………………………..
I am applying as a non member for entrance into the Beautiful South Awards
and understand that I will be invoiced for £65 plus VAT as a contribution towards
administration costs.*
*The non member fee (and membership of TSE) includes entrance into two
categories in the Awards programme – plus the Sustainability and Access categories.
Payment must be made before the awards closing date otherwise your awards entry
will not be submitted for judging.
All entry forms are copyright Services for Tourism Ltd 2016.