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Chapter 2
A Framework for
Consumer Analysis
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Three Elements for Consumer Analysis
Three Elements for Consumer Analysis
– Consumer affect and cognition
• Affect
– Refers to feelings about stimuli and events
– Responses can be favorable or unfavorable
– Responses can vary in intensity
• Cognition
– Refers to thinking
– Mental structures and processes involved in thinking,
understanding, and interpreting stimuli and events
– Aspects of cognition are both conscious and automatic
Three Elements for Consumer Analysis
– Relationships among affect and cognition,
behavior, and the environment
• Each of the three elements can be either a cause or
an affect on a change in one or more of the other
• Reciprocal system
Three Elements for Consumer Analysis
• Five implications to viewing consumer processes
– Any comprehensive analysis must consider all three
elements and the relationships among them
– Any of the three elements may be the starting point for
consumer analysis
– View is dynamic and recognizes that consumers can
continuously change
– Consumer analysis can be applied at several levels
– This framework highlights the importance of consumer
research and analysis in developing marketing strategies
Three Elements for Consumer Analysis
Three Elements for Consumer Analysis
• Consumer research and analysis should not
end when a strategy has been implemented
• Marketing strategy should involve a
continuous process
Marketing Strategy
• A set of stimuli placed in a consumers’
environment designed to influence their
affect, cognition, and behavior
• Wheel of Consumer Analysis
Marketing Strategy
Marketing Strategy cont.
– Framework is constantly rotating with changes
in consumer and marketing strategy
– Why marketing strategy is treated as the hub of
the wheel
• Marketing strategies should be designed to
both influence consumers and be influenced
by them
Levels of Consumer Analysis
• Wheel of Consumer Analysis can aid in
understanding different levels
– Societies
– Industries
– Market segments
– Individual consumers
• Overall framework for the analysis of
consumer behavior was provided
• Described a general approach to developing
marketing strategies intended to influence
consumers’ affect and cognition, behavior,
and environments
• Belief that framework can aid in
understanding the many complexities of
consumer behavior