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Freedom and the Moral Life
Freedom and responsibility
Principles of a moral life
Rational principles applicable to all
Freedom – makes a person a moral
Conscience – capacity to understand
God’s will
Law – allows freedom to function properly
Additional principle for
Jesus set the example of what is good
or evil by his words and the conduct of
his life.
Ability to choose good or evil
Humans act with thought and
intellect – gives meaning to things
free will – allows for doing or
omitting actions the intellect has
determined to be good or bad
Human acts/Acts of a human
A moral or immoral act is truly human
when some one brings it about with
knowledge and free will.
Acts of a human are accomplished
without knowledge or deliberation.
Knowledge and morality
Knowledge is the first requirement for
an act to be moral.
Types of knowledge
Full knowledge – know clearly what one
is doing; aware of the moral dimension
Partial knowledge – some obstacle
interferes with correct judgment.
Freedom – the power, rooted in reason
and will, to perform deliberate actions
on one’s own responsibility (CCC)
Imputability and responsibility can be
diminished by factors such as fear,
ignorance, etc.
God will not destroy the freedom of the