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Zanon Alice VB
Liceo Scientifico “A.
The loss of values  religious and moral
 Doubts and fears about society and
man’s place in the Universe;
 New way of thinking: philosophy;
 Economic crisis;
 New kinds of poetry.
The failure of Positivism;
 Economic crisis;
 Scientific development;
 New ideas about men and their conditions.
Religious and moral crisis;
 Destruction of European’s self confidence;
 Doubt, insecurity and sense of isolation.
A. Einstein develops the theory of relativity;
Freud’s theories about the psychoanalysis;
Darwin’s theory of Evolution On The Origin
Of Species;
 Yung’s studies about men’s unconscious
 Euclidean geometry and Newtonian
physics were shown to rest on false
 Bergson rejection of the conventional idea
of time.
First World War;
 Economic depression  Unemployment;
 Communist revolution broke out in
 Europe was in competition with other
 USA supremacy.
Language of senses;
Birth of the dramatic novels and
The narrator is invisible  he is not
omniscient, he does not judge;
The novelist does not appear;
Interior monologue that makes the reader
understand the protagonist’s identity;
Use of mythical figures to criticize the
No moral education;
 Art is detached from any moral code;
 Against the Victorianism;
 Based on feelings and sensations;
 Influenced by Walter Pater’s philosophy.